The entity was established in 2007 as a special research and development unit of SOLON. SOLON at this time was a major global manufacturer of solar modules and developed of large-scale solar power plants. Most of Solyco´s staff has worked at SOLON at least some period of time. In 2012 SOLON´s CTO Lars Podlowski took over the company in a management buy-out. Since then the company was mostly active in solar rooftop systems, first in building several mid-size PV power plants which created a portfolio of respective assets for the company.

In recent years the company was more focusing on product development. It helped several clients to create their products, and in 2016 Solyco started an own long-term development project on new and innovative solar panels and PV rooftop systems.

In order to market these new products, in 2020 the new entity SOLYCO Solar AG was established, which is a JV with experts in solar products sales and marketing.

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